Examination of HEIDENHAIN encoders on site

A new test cable extends the range of applications of PWM 20 and ATS software

The ATS software now can also be used to check the mounting and range of functions of encoders with 1-Vpp and commutation signals for sinusoidal commutation. Only a special test cable is required for this purpose. HEIDENHAIN offers this cable in addition to the standard encoder diagnostic kit (test cables for encoders with sinusoidal commutation, ID number 1118892-02). Motor manufacturers, motor repair shops and maintenance departments will enjoy this benefit in particular.

The PWM 20 encoder diagnostic kit

Since 2010, mounting and maintenance departments as well as QA teams have successfully worked with the PWM 20 phase angle measuring unit and the ATS software. The possibility of adjusting and inspecting measuring systems mounted to machines is highly appreciated, as this saves time and money.

The encoder diagnostic kit comprises:

• The PWM 20 encoder diagnostic kit

• The cables required for connecting to the USB interface of a personal computer

• The ATS software (Adjusting and Testing Software) with integrated local encoder database for automatic encoder identification

You can order the interface-specific test cables individually to fit your testing situation.

Benefit from this comprehensive and flexible diagnostic kit! The functions supported by the ATS software vary depending on the encoder and the encoder interface. The EnDat interface makes it possible to display position values, to read out the online diagnostics, to read or write parameters and shift datums.

Your benefits:

  • Diagnostics and adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders with absolute and incremental interfaces
  • Suitable as inspection and testing tool; the HEIDENHAIN Calibration Service ensures quality and reliability
  • Independent examination of your devices at your site
  • Free software updates available on the HEIDENHAIN website
  • A variety of interfaces on HEIDENHAIN encoders can be processed
    - EnDat 2.1 or EnDat 2.2 (absolute value with or without incremental signals)
    - DRIVE-CLiQ¹
    - Fanuc Serial Interface
    - Mitsubishi high speed interface
    - Panasonic  
    - Yaskawa
    - SSI
    - 1 VPP (3 Vpp for servicing only)
    - 11 µAPP (25 µApp for servicing only)
    - TTL
    - NEW: 1 VPP with sinusoidal commutation

(DRIVE-CLiQ is a registered trademark of SIEMENS Aktiengesellschaft.)

For detailed information on the PWM 20 phase angle measuring unit and on the ATS software click this link: Product information

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