New repair strategy for machine operating panels

Since April 1, 2015, HEIDENHAIN has been offering a new repair strategy for the machine operating panels of the series MB 4xx, MB 5xx, MB 6xx and MB 7xx. The assignment of components to repair packages is much more customer-oriented now. You can choose between an economical functional repair and a premium repair. The premium repair includes restoration to working order and visually mint condition. The repair depth was enlarged as well. All machine operating panels are now available in the HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange.

Do you simply want us to restore the function of your device and are not interested in a visually mint condition?
Opt for the cost-saving HEIDENHAIN functional repair. It only restores the working condition of the device. Traces of use and wear that do not impair the function are not removed.

Do you wish to receive your repaired device in visually mint condition, since you intend to, e.g. place it in your service stock (for other exchanges, etc.)?
Then opt for the HEIDENHAIN premium repair. Premium repair includes restoration of the proper function as well as a visually mint condition.

You can already note on the shipping documents to the HEIDENHAIN Service whether you want a functional or a premium repair. If there is no information on your repair request, we will prepare a cost estimate offering the repair packages “Function” and “Premium”. If merely small parts are defective, only the “Small Parts” repair package will be invoiced.

Overview of the repair packages:

Repair package Small Parts

  • Clean the device.
  • Inspect the device.
  • Replace defective small parts.
  • Run functional test.

Repair package Function

  • As repair package Small Parts
  • Plus replacement of defective functional components

Repair package Premium

  • As repair package Function
  • Plus replacement of housing front panel

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