Electronică de evaluare pentru aplicații metrologice

Electronica de evaluare pentru aplicați metrologice oferă numeroase funcții pentru achiziția datelor măsurate și pentru evaluarea valorilor măsurate.

Measuring and testing tasks               DisplayFunctionsModel
ND 280
Evaluation electronics for
• Simple infeed and positioning tasks

Monochrome-ND 280
ND 287
Evaluation electronics for
• Measurement equipment
• Adjustment and inspection equipment
• SPC inspection stations
Color• Metrology and statistical functions (sorting and tolerance checking, measurement series, SPC)ND 287
Evaluation electronics for
• Positioning equipment
• Measuring fixtures
• Adjustment and inspection equipment
Color touchscreen

Precise capturing of measured values, and spot-on positioning in metrology applications
100 presets
• Measurement series with min. and max. value recording
• Recording of the difference between min. and max. values (range)
• Data transfer—manually, continuously, or when triggered by a touch probe
• User administration
• Configurability of each axis for length or angle display

GC 2013

GC 2023
GC 2093

EIB 700
Evaluation electronics for 
• Measuring machines 
• Inspection stations 
• Multipoint inspection apparatuses 
• Mobile data acquisition
PC screen• Precise position measurement up to 50 kHz updating rate 
• Programmable measured-value inputs 
• Internal and external measured-value triggers 
• Measured-value memory for approx. 250 000 measured values per channel 
• Connection over standard Ethernet interface to higher-level computer systems
EIB 741
IK 220
Evaluation electronics for installation in computer systems with PCI interface for
• Measuring and testing stations
PC screen• Programmable measured-value inputs
• Internal and external measured-value triggers
• Measured-value memory for 8192 measured values per channe

IK 220